3 creative professions of the near future

What is mind fitness and when librarians and packers will disappear forever

Imagine how the world will change in five to ten years. Futurologists have already compiled an atlas of new professions. And the Mela blogger and TRIZ (theory of inventive problem solving) teacher Ekaterina Zorina explains what an art appraiser, a science artist and a trainer of creative states do.

Futurologists’ predictions about future professions traditionally concern the fields of engineering and technology, medicine and ecology, as well as everything that arises at their intersection. Of course, there is an obvious trend towards the transition of many routine, mechanical tasks to machines. For example, until 2030 the professions of a postman, librarian, conductor, packer, call center operator will disappear.

What will people do if their labor is replaced by machines? I want to believe that we will take the opportunity and get creative. Moreover, in areas that are associated with the creation of new ideas and the transfer of emotions, robots will not soon be able to compare with humans.

Therefore, I will talk about what to expect in the field of art by 2020. I will rely on the atlas of new professions created by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives.

The main areas in the artistic professions are:

  • improvement of technical means for creating art objects, integration of art and science,
  • improvement of the artist himself, work with his creative states.
    The authors of the atlas predict the emergence of new specialties:

Art Appraiser

This is a specialist who is able to evaluate new formats of works of art, consisting of heterogeneous elements. Such art objects are complex and/or short-lived.

Science artist

A person who uses scientific data and knowledge in his creative practice. Science-art is supported by serious educational institutions: for example, MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) has a Center for Science, Art and Technology, and the New York School of Visual Arts launched a bioart program last year.

Creative Condition Coach
This is a mind fitness specialist who knows how to bring people of creative professions into a “state of flow” and other states that stimulate creativity. He is also involved in the development of awareness, since one of the important tasks of the artist is the constant rethinking of reality.

To summarize, among the necessary skills, two areas can be distinguished:

  • everything related to the abilities of the brain: creativity, an integrated approach to problem solving, critical thinking, systems thinking, cognitive flexibility;
  • the sphere of interaction with other people: emotional intelligence, people management, the ability to negotiate and understand others, multilingualism and multiculturalism.

About the forecasts of the creators of the atlas, all of the listed professions will arise in the next three to five years. So if you are thinking about a radical change in activity – here is a hint.