What energizes and motivates the team?

What energizes and motivates a team? Many researchers rightly consider positive motivation to be a real driver of growth and innovation. Therefore, team leaders, company executives put a lot of effort into creating a creative environment. And create an environment conducive to work and creativity for the team.

Moreover, we are not talking about some external attributes now – a designer office, a freshly squeezed smoothie and an extended VHI. This is great if your company can afford it. But that’s not the point. The main thing, as a rule, does not require financial costs. It only requires your decision and willingness to change.

Your team has 10 basic needs, by closing which you will add energy and fire to it.

1. Feeling competent

Make sure your team members feel competent in what they do. Give them work that requires them to exert effort, but at the same time remains feasible.

2. Feeling of acceptance

Man is a social being. And even the most notorious introverts want to be accepted by you and the team. Give them that feeling. And sincerely praise for achievements.

3. Awakening curiosity

Even in the most boring and routine work, include elements that require research. Make sure team members have room for creative exploration.

4. Show loyalty

Allow the team to make their own rules so they can enjoy following them. But do not confuse loyalty with connivance.

5. Understanding the purpose

Add a certain degree of idealism to the activities of the team and the company as a whole. Show that you are in business for more than just money. You also strive to make your modest contribution to making this world a better place. And do it sincerely, there should not be any showiness here.

6. Encourage independence

More precisely, the autonomy of employees. Allow them to be different. Celebrate original hairstyles and interesting style solutions.

7. Maintain order

Establish and maintain minimum company rules and internal policies. A certain level of order in the company allows team members to work much better.

8. Possibility of influence

Give the team a certain degree of power and influence so they can monitor and change what’s going on around them. Listen to what team members have to say and help them implement positive change.

9. Establishing social contacts

Create and maintain a warm atmosphere so that the children have a sense of belonging to the group and build friendships.

10. Status maintenance

It is important for employees to have a certain status in the company. They should not feel like they are at the very bottom of the organizational hierarchy.

Review this list regularly and remind yourself of what motivates and fires up your team. Mark what you need to do on a particular item. And in order not to forget about this important, but not urgent matter, add it to your calendar and set reminders. Believe me, this approach to motivating employees works much better than raising salaries.