Creative mental state trainer

Creativity is the key to a successful career

Olga Korotko, founder of the School of Creative Mental States
The modern reality is such that having a diploma of higher education is not a guarantee of getting a good high-paying position. In fact, now there is a process of “devaluation” of the importance of paper “crusts”. It is difficult to surprise an employer with several scientific degrees, and even more so, having them does not guarantee that you will find a decent job.

Most successful companies are primarily interested in how a potential employee has developed non-standard thinking, and how passionate he himself is about the profession in which he plans to be realized. And only then – the availability of diplomas and certificates.

Recently, a huge number of new professions have appeared on the labor market, and all of them are based on creativity. Internet project managers, marketers, bloggers, copywriters – for successful implementation in these areas, the most important thing is not the presence of some kind of crust, but the ability to bring your uniqueness to the company, to the project. What’s more, it’s hard to be successful in “old style” professions without an element of creativity – even plumbers find work through blogging on Instagram.

Today, people are looking for a profession not just decent pay and coverage of basic human needs, but their own self-realization. It is important for a person to experience the joy of the opportunity to realize his potential in an interesting profession, and the modern world gives him this opportunity.

For the first time in a long time, the road to successful self-realization is open to everyone, regardless of the presence / absence of connections or start-up capital. The main thing is passion for your work and creativity.

A recent example: a simple Kazakh railway station worker Imanbek Zeikenov, a 19-year-old guy. He learned music from YouTube videos. In a stream of inspiration, the young man created a remix of the song “Roses” by Brooklyn rapper Saint Jhn. Its value has been seen by millions of people around the world. As a result, Imanbek became the first person in the post-Soviet space to receive a Grammy Award.

For all of the points above, the key is to develop creative thinking and discover your unique way of working. It is with the solution of such problems that the trainer of creative mental states will help.

We, as a school that trains such specialists, were convinced of their demand already at the moment when we opened an appointment for consultations with our students. In the first few days we received about a hundred applications and were forced to temporarily suspend recording so as not to overload our students.

Competences of a Creative Mental State Trainer
The trainer must have a basic knowledge of the psychology of the individual, a deep understanding of how the creative process works, as well as a broad knowledge of effective methods and exercises for developing creative thinking.

For his wards, he must be a psychologist, and a coach, and an art therapist, and sometimes a marketer and manager.

Who and how does the coach help?

In the minds of many people, creativity is only singing or drawing. In fact, anything can become a creative process. Any process where a person goes beyond the established algorithms and standards, where he creates a new unique path, is creative. Whether it’s creating a unique business idea or a way to resolve some kind of conflict. Creativity is about going beyond the ordinary (the way everyone does it) to create something new, unique and original.

Therefore, a trainer of creative mental states is a specialist who will help bring work to a new level in any field, be it business, medicine, education, or creativity in the literal sense (creating paintings, books, films, blogs).

A coach helps a person to reveal himself, to create, not being afraid of criticism and without regard to others, to reveal himself in the process and express himself through what a person does.

Very often, I cite the story of MRI machine creator Doug Ditz, who was extremely upset when he learned that his MRI machines were causing emotional pain to young patients – 80 percent of children needed sedatives to undergo a scan. And even after the sedatives, the children continued to be afraid and cry. Doug Dietz set himself the task of changing the situation and began to look for a solution. Incorporating a creative approach to the medical procedure, Doug Dietz designed the MRI machines in the style of entire adventure rooms. One MRI machine turned into a submarine, the other into a spaceship. The result of this decision was that only 10% of children required sedation for the procedure, while previously this figure was 80%. Moreover, after the procedure, many children told their parents: “Can I come again tomorrow?”. It was the creative thinking of Doug Dietz that radically changed the experience of little patients. Isn’t that a success?

Creativity is what takes any process to a new level. Helps to get the job done more significant, valuable and brings meaning to the process, and also gives the most creative person the joy of self-realization.

How does a creative mental state coach help in business?

Now entrepreneurial activity is changing dramatically, if earlier business was exclusively industrial, built on production, now the most successful in business is the one that creates something new. This is a visionary business that does not solve some existing problem, but creates a completely new reality. It is those who have the imagination and courage (both are integral parts of creative thinking) who create successful business projects that change the world. Apple, Tesla, Facebook – the loudest companies are those that follow their creative vision, and do not try to fit themselves into existing templates.

If the industrial business is about the ability to study the consumer and try to please his needs, the desire to keep up with the existing market, then the creative business is the one that follows the vision of the creator, the owner. A business that has its own personality.

In the modern world, business is not just a way to make money, but a way of self-realization and self-actualization. Money is just a side effect. A project built on creativity is not afraid of competition, because it is unique and created on the vision of its owner. Only the same, template business can compete with each other, at the level: who has a better price or a better product.

Creative business is a blue ocean business. It is unique, and therefore stands out from the competition. It is for such a product that queues line up – as it happens every time a new Apple product enters the market.

A creative mental state trainer is a specialist who helps an entrepreneur to reveal himself through business and, thereby, make his business unique and unrivaled.