How do you create an arbitration team?

The success of the arbitration team depends on the peculiarities of its construction and the choice of the correct affiliate program through which cooperation with the casino begins. About this in detail in this material.

arbitration team 1

Arbitrage traffic: what is it?

Arbitrage traffic in simple words means a paid redirection of clients from one site to another. In gambling this scheme works on the same principle – online casinos attract arbitrators to promote their services through an affiliate program.

There are three parties involved in traffic arbitrage:

  • Arbitrator – redirects users to the advertiser’s site.
  • The affiliate program is an intermediary between the advertiser and arbitrators.
  • Advertiser – the company that pays for the promotion of its products and services.

Arbitrators can work independently or in a team. Depending on this, they can be divided into three types:

  • Solo Arbitrator – works independently and outsources designers, developers or layout designers when necessary.
  • Arbitration team – a group of qualified specialists, usually including media buyer, programmer, layout designer and copywriter.
  • The internal department of arbitration – a solo arbitrator or a team of arbitrators who work in the advertiser’s staff.

Thus, to conquer the CPA business can be done alone or in teams. Which option to choose, everyone decides for himself. However in practice solo arbitration becomes an extinct kind, and the variant with own staff takes much time and demands considerable financial resources. Accordingly, team arbitration is the most optimal, since it takes responsibility for all these tasks, and payment is made only for the result.

Where to Start to Assemble an Arbitration Team

The promotion of online casinos cannot be effective without quality arbitration, which, in turn, depends on the qualification of arbitrators. And in order to assemble a team of professionals, you need to have a professional understanding of arbitration yourself.

To become a good arbitrator, you need to know trends, study the market and constantly establish communication – look for new acquaintances and connections. It is important to remember: if you hit one point for a long time, you will definitely get the result.

arbitration team 2

Arbitration team: who is on it

The average arbitration team consists of three to five arbitrators, and the remaining employees are other specialists:

  • A layout designer – makes unique webpages;
  • Designer or web-designer – creates banners, teasers, as well as unique web pages together with the layout designer;
  • Programmer – writes programs for spam, API codes, different templates, etc.;
  • Copywriter – writing promotional posts and texts for the webpage.

All members of the arbitration team are important, but most of the work and responsibility lies on the arbitrageurs themselves. Their tasks include:

  • lead generation;
  • account farming;
  • generating creatives;
  • creating, testing and scaling bundles.

Finding professional arbitrators or those who can hone their skills and work like pros in no time is not an easy task.

But there are a number of tipsters where they’re more likely to be found faster:

  • Arbitrator conferences, mitups and so-called communities of interest.
  • Among targeters, marketers or other qualified advertisers who can be retrained.
  • Closed forums where there are proven arbitrators with experience.

And while arbitrageurs are hard to find, pourers usually have no such problems. They are responsible for the technical part and routine tasks, respectively, they can be found among acquaintances, on portals and forums for arbitrageurs or job search sites. Pourers do not need special knowledge, that is why it is enough to teach them technical arbitration skills, and over time, as needed, they can delve into the process more thoroughly.

arbitration team 3

Peculiarities of work of arbitration team

An unprecedented advantage of working on an arbitration team is the delegation of tasks. When they are distributed among individual professionals, each with their own responsibility, the result is more efficient.

Such approach makes it possible to reveal team’s weak and strong points, as well as which employee is pulling it down, and to eliminate negative points in time.

Based on practice, a team should be recruited with experience. This increases the chances of success and helps to achieve it sooner.

In addition, one should keep in mind the motivation of hotel employees. Gave the example that in some team for the CEO of the CEO is a percentage rate, and the pharmacists KRI is paid per day of active farming, that is, depending on how much the pharmacist’s account earns. At the same time, pharmacists do not communicate with buyers who work after them with accounts. Rather, this allows you to determine who is doing a poor job, and perhaps even leaks bundles to competitors.

In general, we should conclude that the right choice of professionals and systematization of the work process is the key to the successful work of the arbitration team.

Recall that investors in large casinos do not always make huge profits, as is commonly believed in society. And the earnings of online casinos are influenced by a host of factors that may constrain customer demand.